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Free Agents
1) Each Team will start the season with 100 fantasy points to acquire Free Agents.
2) Any player not on any teams roster or injured list shall be considered a free agent. The Stat keeper will provide a list of the leading scorers among free agents.
3) Bidding for free agents will be conducted each week. I will email my bids to at least one member by Noon on free agent day. After that time until 9 O'clock bids will be accepted for that week.
4) Any amount up to a teams remaining free agent points may be bid on a player. The highest bidder will acquire the player. If a team acquires a player, the points bid will be subtracted from his budget.
5) Free Agent Dollars may not be traded.
6) Each free agent pickup must be accompanied by: a) the release of the player picked up, b)the release of a player already on the teams roster, or c) placing a player on injured reserve of a player already on the teams roster. A team will have the time between Free Agent bidding day (usually Friday) and lineup day (usually Sunday) to make its decision.
7)Free Agents will be given a salary of 1, and may not be kept.

How to submit bids
  1. Each week I will submit my bids to at least one league member before the start of bidding.
  2. You are allowed to submit bids before the assigned time but be sure to mark your email "FA Bids" or something like it so I won't open them.
  3. Bids will be submitted in groups. You may send in as many or as few groups as you like. You may ask to recieve as many players as you want from any one group. However, you must be prepared to take at least one player from each group submitted.

    For Example:
    Group 1 (two players)
    Ken Griffey 21
    Jose Hernandez 12
    Javy Lopez 8
    Henry Blanco 1
    Juan Castro 1
    Group 2
    Bob Wickman 18
    Ugeth Urbina 7
    Mariano Rivera 1

    Group 3
    Henry Aaron 44

  4. You must have enough money left to cover all the top bids. In group 1 this means Griffey (21) and Hernandez (12). You may not get them but you requested two players in that group and must be able to pay them both. In group 2 this means Wickman(18). In group 3 Aaron(44). So you must have at least 21+12+18+44=$95.
  5. Its easier than it first seems. The reason for the group bidding is simple. It will help you get a RB if you need one. You can list as many as it takes in a group to make sure you get one. Maybe you want two WR. List them like group 1 and request two players from that group.

There will be no rebids in the case of a tie. Bids will be settled in a highest bid first fashion. Teams will be ranked 1-12 each week by the standings. The team with the worst standing (#12) will win a tie on the highest valued (by bid amt.) free agent. The team that wins a tie bid moves to the bottom of the list (#1) to settle any further ties. The point is if you really want a player bid the extra dollar(s) to assure you get him.
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