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Startup Draft
1) The Startup Draft will be held as close to the first NFL game (Thu Sept 5,2002) as possible.
2) Each team will start with no players and draft for 17 rounds. Positional requirements for the 17 players are (2 QB, 4 RB, 5 WR, 2 TE, 2 PK, 2 Def./Spec. Tm)
3) The draft order will be determined by random draw.
4) The order for the draft will be serpentine.(1,2,3..10,11,12,12,11,10...3,2,1)

Subsequent Drafts
1)The annual draft will be as close to the first week of NFL games as possible
2)The draft order will be as follows:
	Round 1:Toilet Bowl winner
		Remaining non playoff Teams in order of finish (5,6,7...10,11,12)
		First round playoff losers (in reverse order of finish)
		Super Bowl Runner up, Super Bowl winner

	Round 2:Non-Playoff Teams ranked in reverse order of reg. season finish (12,11,10..6,5)
		First round playoff losers (in reverse order of reg. season finish)
		Super Bowl Runner up, Super Bowl winner
	Round 3 and beyond:Same order as Round 2
3) Teams will be allowed to keep up to three players but no more than 1 player at any position
4) Keepers will be announced at least one week before the draft.(How Keepers work discussed later)
5) No official trading will be allowed from the time keepers are announced until the draft has started.
6) Draft picks may be traded at the draft. This is the only time the trading of draft picks will be allowed.
7) At the end of the draft, teams will have a 17 man roster conforming to the structure mentioned above.

League Structure and Scheduling
1)The league will be comprised of 10 teams, no expansion will occur unless a majority agree to it.
2)The teams will be divided into 2 divisions of 5 teams. The divisions remain the same each year. They will be
determined by a random draw at the initial draft.
3)Each team will play its divisional opponents twice and its non-divisional opponents once.
4)The two division winners plus two wildcard teams will make the playoffs. The wildcard team is the non-division winner with the best record.
5) Tie Breakers if necessary are: a)Total Points b)head to head record c)division record(if teams are in same division) d)Coin Flip.
6) Once playoff teams are determined, they will be seeded using the tie breakers. A wild card team can be the #2 seed and can play a team in its own division.

Rosters and Lineups
1) A teams roster will be comprised of 17 (active) players.
2) Each team must have: 2 Quarterbacks, 4 Running Backs, 5 Wide Receivers, 2 Tight Ends, 2 Kickers and 2 Team Defenses/Special Teams.
3) A weekly starting lineup will be: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 PK , 1 D/ST and 1 wildcard. A wildcard can only come from the RB,WR or TE position.
4)**** Players who are classified as Doubtful or Out (or on IR) can be placed on Injured Reserve. The source will be the official NFL Injury Reports in Thursdays Providence Journal or Fridays USA Today.
5)You will be able to replace such injured players on your roster without penalty. The only exception is if you decide to play an "injured" player, you must cut a player to conform with the roster constraints mentioned earlier.
6)In order to help compensate for injuries, rosters will expand by one player after the completion of each of the first three weeks. There will be no further expansion past 20 after week 3. Your first 17 players most conform with the roster constraints set at the draft. The three extra players may be from any position.
7) At all times a roster must have the following minimums:(2 Quarterbacks, 4 Running Backs, 5 Wide Receivers, 2 Tight Ends, 2 Kickers and 2 Team Defenses/Special Teams.) After making a trade, teams will have until free agent day to make a complete roster. Please be sure to bid on enough players to fill any holes you might have. If either team involved in a trade doesn't have the correct roster the trade will be voided.
8)The commisioner will be empowered to make lineup changes in the best interest of the league, if a team owner doesn't email his weekly lineup. These changes can only be made if a player is listed as OUT in the NFL Injury report or on bye. The replacement player will be the bench player of the same position who has scored the most total points over the course of the season. (including utilizing the wild card if necessary)

Lineup and Free Agent Days
The following table shows when lineups must be submitted and what day Free Agent bidding will be depending on the NFL Schedule for that week.

NFL ScheduleTrade Deadline Free Agent DayLineup Day
Sun/Mon games onlyThursday 11PMFriday 9PMSunday Noon
Sat/Sun/Mon gamesThursday 11PMFriday 9PMSaturday 11AM***
Thursday gamesTuesday 11PMWednesday 9PMThursday 6PM***

*** Only players involved in early games need to be decided upon at this time. For example if NE plays MIA on a Thursday. Lineup decisions only need to be made for MIA and NE players. Any team that doesn’t submit any changes will have IN players remain in and OUT players remain out.(on those teams)

Free Agents
1) Each Team will start the season with 100 fantasy points to acquire Free Agents.
2) Any player not on any teams roster or injured list shall be considered a free agent. The Stat keeper will provide a list of the leading scorers among free agents.
3) Bidding for free agents will be conducted each week. I will email my bids to at least one member by Noon on free agent day. After that time until 9 O'clock bids will be accepted for that week.
4) Any amount up to a teams remaining free agent points may be bid on a player. The highest bidder will acquire the player. If a team acquires a player, the points bid will be subtracted from his budget.
5) Free Agent Dollars may not be traded.
6) Each free agent pickup must be accompanied by: a) the release of the player picked up, b)the release of a player already on the teams roster, or c) placing a player on injured reserve of a player already on the teams roster. A team will have the time between Free Agent bidding day (usually Friday) and lineup day (usually Sunday) to make its decision. Exception:A player may not need to be cut in the first three weeks, in accordance with the roster expansion.
7)Free Agents will be given a salary of 1, and may not be kept. (More on Keepers later)

1)Trading will be allowed until Week 10 of the NFL season.
2)Trades must be reported to the commisioner by both teams by 11 PM on trade deadline day(Usually Thu)
3)Any team may protest a trade. It must be done before lineup day(Usually Sun),during the same week as the trade was made. The trade will then be reviewed by a trade committee (makeup TBD). No team involved in the trade may vote on the committee.Majority rules. If for some reason there is an even number on the committee a tie vote will result in the trade being allowed.

RUSHING20 yards=1pt. 100 yards recieves a one time 2 pt bonus.6pts
RECEIVING20 yards=1pt. 100 yards recieves a one time 2 pt bonus.6pts
PASSING50 yards=1pt. 300 yards recieves a one time 2 pt bonus.4pts
A fumble recovery by an offensive player for a TD6pts

2pt CONVERSION--All two point conversions are worth 2pts. whether thrown,caught or rushed.
KICKING All FGs=3pts. All PATs=1pt.

DEFENSE/SPECIAL TEAMS Punt/Kick/Interception/Fumble recovery for a TD=4pts.
Interceptions/Fumble recoveries=1 pt.
Sacks=1/2 pt.
Safety=2 pts.
A fumble recovery or interception for TD gets credit for both and scores 5 pts.
Points Allowed7 minus (Points Allowed divided by 3)
You lose a point for each 3 points allowed, up to a max negative score of -3.

(Only the whole number counts, 5 divided by 3= 1.67 but for our purposes, 5/3 will equal 1.)
A defense is responsible for all points allowed including turnovers/special teams.

Dues and Prizes
1) Dues are 50 fantasy bucks. The dues for the Stat Keeper/Commisioner shall be 0 fantasy bucks.
2) Dues must be paid in full by week 7 games or no transactions will be allowed. This includes lineups and free agent pickups.
3) Prizes will be broken up into 2 separate categories. They are: Most Total Points and Super Bowl winner. A first and second prize will be awarded for each category.
4) The prize for Most Points will be determined over a complete 17 week season.
5) Total Points prizes are 150 fantasy bucks for 1st and 50 fantasy bucks for 2nd.
6) Super Bowl Prizes are: 200 fantasy bucks to the winner and 50 fantasy bucks to the loser.

Playoff Rules
1) The Super Bowl playoffs will involve the two division winners and two wildcards. The Toilet Bowl playoffs will involve the other six teams. The prize for winning the Toilet Bowl is the #1 overall pick next year. The #5 and #6 seeds recieve byes in the Toilet Bowl. #7 plays #10 (#6 plays this winner). #8 plays #9 (#5 plays this winner).
2)There will be no ties in Toilet Bowl games. If the game ends in a tie, the higher seed will advance.
3)In the first round of the Super Bowl playoffs, there will be a home field advantage. The #1 seed will have three and a half points added to its score as a home field advantage. The #2 seed will recieve one and a half points as a home field advantage.
4)Due to the home field advantage, a tie game in round one will result in the LOWER seed advancing.
5)Super Bowl tie breakers:
      a) An additional three man tie breaking squad will be named. Players in the regular lineup may not be named to the tie breaking squad.
      b) Players from any position can be named to the tie breaking squad. Players on the tie breaking squad will be ordered from 1-3 before games are played by the teams owner. Player 1 will be the player expected to score the most points.
      c) The first tie breaker will be the total points of the three man squad.
      d) The second tie breaker will be the score of the #1 player on the squad.
      e) The third tie breaker will be the score of the #2 player on the squad.
      f) If the teams remain tied in the King Bowl game, the game will be declared a tie. However, if both teams agree they may choose to play the Super Bowl over again in week 17.

1)Players will be assigned a salary. Their salary will be the round in which they were picked.
2)Players selected in the First Round or acquired as Free Agents may not be kept.
3)Players who are to be kept will recieve a salary increase according to the table below.

Current SalaryNew Salary
5 thru 174

4)The New Salary column represents the round in which a player may be kept.
5)If a team wishes to keep two players with the same salary, one of the players must recieve a one round salary increase. The exception to this is, if a player was traded for and not drafted, the player who was traded will recieve the salary increase.

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