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Football SMARTs 2002 Dirty Dozen Schedule Sunday, Oct 6, 2002
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Week 1 Week 2
Ramblin' Rebels 68.0 at Denis 66.0 Dr. Storm 50.5 at Bulldogs 61.0
Bulldogs 77.0 at Blitzburgh 67.5 The Replacements 53.0 at Bald Eagles 88.0
Bowl Brushers 50.0 at The Replacements 76.5 Bowl Brushers 59.5 at Blitzburgh 77.5
Bald Eagles 68.0 at Fun N Gun 72.0 Ramblin' Rebels 72.0 at Dominators 99.5
Dominators 75.0 at Dr. Storm 51.0 Denis 61.5 at Fun N Gun 75.0

Week 3 Week 4
Bowl Brushers 64.5 at Bulldogs 65.5 Dr. Storm 61.5 at Bowl Brushers 17.0
Denis 43.5 at Bald Eagles 50.5 Blitzburgh 59.0 at Denis 45.5
Ramblin' Rebels 80.5 at Blitzburgh 65.5 Bulldogs 82.0 at Bald Eagles 134.0
The Replacements 50.5 at Dominators 79.5 Fun N Gun 70.0 at Dominators 116.0
Dr. Storm 61.5 at Fun N Gun 57.0 The Replacements 52.0 at Ramblin' Rebels 56.5

Week 5 Week 6
Dominators at Bulldogs Ramblin' Rebels at Bulldogs
Bowl Brushers at Bald Eagles Bowl Brushers at Denis
Denis at The Replacements Fun N Gun at Bald Eagles
Blitzburgh at Fun N Gun Dominators at Blitzburgh
Ramblin' Rebels at Dr. Storm Dr. Storm at The Replacements

Week 7 Week 8
The Replacements at Bowl Brushers Dominators at Bowl Brushers
Dr. Storm at Blitzburgh Bulldogs at Denis
Bald Eagles at Dominators Blitzburgh at The Replacements
Bulldogs at Fun N Gun Bald Eagles at Dr. Storm
Denis at Ramblin' Rebels Fun N Gun at Ramblin' Rebels

Week 9 Week 10
Ramblin' Rebels at Bowl Brushers Blitzburgh at Bulldogs
Blitzburgh at Bald Eagles Denis at Bowl Brushers
Bulldogs at The Replacements Dominators at Bald Eagles
Dominators at Fun N Gun The Replacements at Fun N Gun
Denis at Dr. Storm Dr. Storm at Ramblin' Rebels

Week 11 Week 12
The Replacements at Denis Bald Eagles at Bulldogs
Fun N Gun at Blitzburgh Fun N Gun at Bowl Brushers
Bulldogs at Dominators Dr. Storm at Denis
Bowl Brushers at Dr. Storm Blitzburgh at Dominators
Bald Eagles at Ramblin' Rebels Ramblin' Rebels at The Replacements

Week 13 Week 14
Fun N Gun at Bulldogs
Bald Eagles at Blitzburgh
Denis at Dominators
The Replacements at Dr. Storm
Bowl Brushers at Ramblin' Rebels