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Gaspee Rookie Draft History
1969 Draft Picks (rnd-overall)
Don Money,SS (1-13th)
Mike Kilkenney,RP (2-29th)
Dick Schofield,IF (3-45th)
Joe Lahoud,OF (4-61st)
Phil Roof,C (5-77th)
Alan Foster,SP (6-93rd)
Ron Woods,OF (7-109th)
Tim Cullen,IF (8-125th)
Passed on 9th and 10th picks

1968 Draft Picks (rnd-overall)
Pat Dobson,SP (1-6th)
Wally Bunker,SP/RP (2-17th)
Mike Lum,OF/1B (2-20th)
Carl Taylor,1B (3-39th)
Roger Repoz,OF (5-53rd)
Al Spangler,OF (6-65th)
Al Jackson,RP (7-77th)
Leon Wagner,OF (8-89th)
Curt Motton,OF (9-101st)
Dick Tracewski,IF (10-113th)
1967 Draft Picks (rnd-overall)
Mike Marshall,RP (1-7th)
Joe Niekro*,SP (1-10th)
Dick Howser,2B SS (2-19th)
Roy Face,RP (3-31st)
Fred Valentine,OF (4-43rd)
Larry Haney,C (5-55th)
Leon Wagner,OF (6-67th)
Jim Landis,OF (7-79th)
Al Spangler,OF (8-91st)
Cap Peterson,OF (9-103rd)
1966 Draft Picks (rnd-overall)
Stan Bahnsen*,SP (1-9th)
Pat Jarvis*,SP (2-15th)
Mike Andrews*,2B (2-22nd)
Woodie Fryman, SP RP(4-39th)
Bob Shaw, SP (5-51st)
Don Lock, CF (6-63rd)
John O'Donoghue, RP (7-75th)
Ossie Chavarria, INF (8-87th)
George Thomas,OF C (9-99th)
Jackie Brandt, OF (10-111th)
1965 Draft Picks(rnd-overall)
Bill Hands*,SP (1-8th)
Roy White*,OF (2-20th)
Duke Sims*,C(3-32nd)
Bobby Tolan*,OF (4-44th)
Bob Bruce,SP (5-56th)
Ed Bailey,C(6-68th)
Don Nottebart,SP (7-80th)
Jackie Brandt,OF (8-92nd)
Jim Gosger,OF (9-100th)
Bo Belinsky,RP (10-107th)
1964 Draft Picks (rnd-overall)
Rick Wise*,SP (1-6th)
Bill Singer*,SP (2-18th)
Steve Blass*,SP (3-30th)
Lou Piniella,OF (4-42nd)
Ed Bailey,C (5-54th)
Jim Owens,RP (6-66th)
Bob Perry,OF (7-78th)
George Alusik,OF 1B (8-90th)
Ted Bowsfield,RP (9-102nd)
Mike DeLaHoz,2B (10-113th)
1963 Draft Picks (rnd-overall)
Jimmy Wynn*,OF (1-7th)
Dave McNally*,SP (2-18th)
Wilbur Wood*,RP-SP (3-30th)
Wally Bunker*,SP (4-42nd)
Jerry Grote*,C (5-54th)
Ken McMullen*,3B OF (6-66th)
Dick Green,2B (7-78th)
Phil Ortega,SP (8-90th)
Ken Harrelson*,1B OF (9-102nd)
Gene Freese,3B (10-113th)

1962 Draft Picks (rnd-overall)
Jim Fregosi*,SS (1-9th)
Denis Menke*,IF (2-21st)
Lee Stange,RP SP (3-33rd)
Harry Bright,3B C (4-45th)
Bennie Daniels,SP (5-57th)
Dave Stenhouse,SP (6-69th)
John Schaive,3B (7-81st)
Lew Burdette,SP (8-93rd)
Barry Latman,SP (9-105th)
Felix Torres,3B (10-117th)

1961 Draft Picks (rnd-overall)
Ken McBride,SP (1-6th)
Dick Howser,SS 2B (2-16th)
Steve Bilko, 1B OF (3-26th)
Felix Mantilla,2B (4-36th)
Tom Sturdivant,RP (5-46th)
Barney Schultz,RP (6-56th)
Jackie Jensen,OF (7-66th)
John Orsino,C (8-76th)
Dick Bertell,C (9-86th)
Bill Fischer,RP (10-96th)
Chico Fernandez,3B (11-105th)
Frank Sullivan,RP (12-112th)
Chuck Hiller,2B (13-117th)

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