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USRL Lottery History

Yr Winner % Chance Player Selected 2nd Pick % Chance Player Selected Lot #
70 Minneapolis 14% Bert Blyleven,P Topeka 15% Ted Simmons,C (a) 07-13
69 Chicago 4% Thurman Munson,C Greeley 13%** Manny Sanguillen,C 62-31
68 Willingboro 6% Jerry Koosman,P Jersey 25%** Bobby Bonds,OF 92-04
67 Ernestown 8% Johnny Bench,C Houston 23%** Rod Carew,2b 83-10
66 Melbourne Beach 19% Don Sutton,P Ernestown 14% Nolan Ryan,P 34-69
65 Willingboro 6% Fergie Jenkins,P Houston 25%** Jim Palmer,P 95-00
64 (NY)Melbourne 19% Mike Cuellar,p Ernestown 18% Luis Tiant,P 28-51
63 North Bend 6% Pete Rose,OF Ernestown 11% Willie Stargell,OF 96-87
62 (NY)Melbourne 20%** Gaylord Perry,P North Bend 15% Dean Chance,P 11-64
(a) Death Valley acquired this pick and selected Simmons.

Originated in 1962, the lottery has certainly had its effect on the league. Only twice has the team with the best chance to win the lottery won it. The first time was in the inaugural lottery of 1962 when Melbourne Beach (then New York) won it as an expansion team. Minneapolis won the 1970 lottery (also as an expansion club.Never has the team with the worst overall record won the lottery.

Favorites have fared much better in the race for the second pick winning 4 of 9. That is an exceptional record when you consider that the favorite for the #2 pick usually has about a 25% chance to win it. (It is down to 17% now with the restructuring due to expansion. In 1969's lottery, the favorites had a 52% chance as 4 teams each had a 13% chance.)

Lottery selections have been predominately pitchers. Ten of the eighteen selections have been pitchers (Six #1s and Four#2s). Catchers are next at four selections, mainly due to Munson and Sanguillen going 1,2 in 1969 and Ted Simmons going #2 in 1970. Three outfielders and a second baseman have also been tabbed by lottery teams.

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