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Kent County announces September Callups

WARWICK,RI(TGNN)--Braves General Manager Dale Murphy today announced the teams September callups. There were a few surprises. The callups were: Ryan Vogelsong,Paxton Crawford,Matt Kinney,JC Romero, and Scott Schoenweis. The callups of Vogelsong and Crawford will mark their WTGBL debuts. Kinney and Romero have each been called up once before. Schoenweis was called up for a third time, meaning the club will have to make a decision on his longer term status with the club at the end of September.
The Schoenweis callup was the most surprising of the callups as it was thought he wouldn't be recalled to delay the long term decision. "We simply needed the innings from Scott. I wish we didn't have to make this move but we do.", Murphy commented after being asked about the decision.

The most surprising development was the fact that future starters Mike Lowell, Rafael Furcal and Jerry Hairston Jr. were not called up after being called up for August. Murphy had this to say about the non-callups, "We didn't want to get into a situation where we had to sign the players before seeing them play for a couple of months next year. This is in no way an indictment of how those guys played in August. In fact, we were very happy with all of the players. I explained the situation to all three of the players and they were all disappointed but I think they understood. We wouldn't want them on the club if they weren't disappointed."

In a minor move, the Braves signed reliever Marc Valdes to a 1 yr deal. The signing was made to keep in accord with league rules requiring 25 players on Major League contracts. Valdes was acquired in a deal with the Scranton Scorpions in which sent Andy Fox packing.

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